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For the year of 2000, 10% of research proceeds will be donated to Oprah's Angel Network

KATHY PRATT, Genealogist-Historian


Have you lost your ancestor? I have found thousands! I can use my knowledge and experience, as well as today's modern technology, to attempt to find your's.


Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University. Family Historian and Genealogical Researcher with over 25 years experience. Taught courses in beginning and advanced genealogy. Member of Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP).


United States research particularly the New England area, Southern States, and Utah.


I will be glad to accept your request for individual document retrieval (i.e.: birth/marriage/death records or probate & deed records), or other individualized assistance as well as full-scale historical and genealogical projects. I will attempt to do the impeccable documentation of family ancestry necessary for those of you who desire membership in an organization such as the Daughters or Sons of the American Revolution, Descendants of the Mayflower, or one of several Civil War Associations, Daughter or Sons of The Utah Pioneers or other organizations. Unless you request the priority service, you will usually receive your initial report within ninety days of receipt of your deposit. Full report when research session is completed.


You will receive a Research report itemizing the results of all research. All reports will be supplied to you together with photocopies or handwritten extracts when it's not possible to make photocopies. In addition, you will receive copies of research logs, hours researched, expenses, and current balance. You can expect detailed reports with suggestions for further research and laser print outs of pedigree charts and family group sheets. You will have your choice of having your pedigree computerized using one of three genealogical programs: Family Tree Maker (FTM), Personal Ancestral File (PAF), or Ancestral Quest (AQ). Family histories can also be supplied on 3.5" disks (IBM compatible... sorry, MAC is not available). If you would like your genealogy put on a computer disk there will be a $10.00 fee. I will also see that your research information is submitted to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, so others researching the same line(s) will have access to the information unless you instruct otherwise.


Please contact me via email for fee information. You will receive a report at the end of each deposit, including suggestions for additional research. It will totally be up to you if you wish to continue. However, like most committed researchers, I will be eager to see what else I can find on your family.


I will begin research within seven days of receipt of your retainer and, although it is not possible to predict exactly how long it may take, progress can usually be reported back to you within a few weeks. If you need the research to be ready for a special date, e.g. a birthday or anniversary, this will be arranged wherever possible.


What You Should Know Before Hiring A Professional Genealogist

Oprah's Angel Network

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Kathy Pratt

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