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Ask yourself this question throughout the day:

"On your dying day, is this going to matter?"
                        Oprah Winfrey

Genealogy and Some Links To A Few Of My Other Interests (in no particular order)

Nali's Genealogy Page
A Barrel Of Genealogy Links
Berrylink! Military Records At the National Archives
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Massachusetts Mysteries
Deciphering Old Hanwriting
Family Tree Maker's "Online" search engine
German Palatine History and Genealogy Page
Historical Map Web Sites
Horus' World Wide Web Links to History Resources
Irish Links
John Robertson's Genealogy & Maps
National Archives and Records Administration
New York State Resources
Roots Surname List -- Interactive Search
Scott Brumley's Genealogy
a cousin on my Pratt side
Switchboard Homepage
The Olive Tree Genealogy Page
The US Social Security Master Death File - (SSDI)
Top Genealogy Sites (OVER 40,000 LINKS)
USA National Mapping Information
US Library of Congress
U.S. Surname Distribution
Utah State Archives
Welcome to Books! Earth's Biggest Bookstore
Welcome to the U.S. Civil War Center!
What's Really New in the WWW Genealogy Pages
Brigham Young University
Spent allot of time here, but it was all worth it when i got that degree! However I must admit for a while I was wondering if there were ever going to let me out of there :)
University of Utah
took some of my undergrad classes here and all my graduate classes in Psychology and Educational Psychology
Sue Grafton Website Home Page
a favorite author
All My Children
when I'm not scheduling my day around genealogy, I'm planning it around AMC and the two talk shows to follow......
Oprah Winfrey
A talk show hostess I think is sincere and doing good for mankind.
The Rosie O'Donnell Show
another daytime talk show hostess I think is sincere
The Official NBC ER Homepage
for my evening entertainment......
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
for a few laughs....
The Top Ten list from Late Show with David Letterman
for a few more laughs....
if you enjoy a good mystery, this is a must see....
Alan's Genealogy & Cheshire, England Page

Kathy Pratt

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