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Kathy & Richard Wayman
Our Wedding Day
September 8, 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada
8:15 pm

(These pictures taken with a digital camera by Ric's nephew Danny )


We were the 48th couple married at the Candlelight Chapel that day.

Just before the ceremony started. The very last time you'll see either one of us single or me as Kathy Pratt.


 My adopted Dad, Lynn, about to walk me down the aisle.


Kathy saying "I DO!!!"

Ric saying "I CERTAINLY DO!!!"

Kathy's sister, Arleen is Matron of Honor and Ric's long time friend, Kent, is Best Man.

We had what's known as a Candle lighting ceremony where each mother lights an individual white taper candle and then the bride takes the one her mother lit and the groom takes the one his mother lit and together we light a bigger white, ornate candle (which we got to bring home).  This is Kathy's mother, Alta, going first.

Now it's Ric's mother, Adele's turn lighting her candle.


Our turn to light the symbolic candle of our joining together.

You can get a good view of the candles.

After the candle lighting, we went back to exchange rings.  Ric is putting my ring on me first.

My turn to put Ric's ring on him.
By now we were both in tears... HAPPY tears!!!

Our first kiss as husband and wife.

A kiss wasn't enough.  Immediately following the kiss we hugged.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Wayman

When I was born, I was named Kathleen Pratt... no middle name. I had always felt left out.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to change that, so let me introduce myself:

Kathleen Kinsey Pratt Wayman.

Richard Makes an Announcement

  As soon as we left the chapel, Ric got everyone's attention by announcing in is very best disk jockey voice that he had an announcement to make.  Everyone got very quiet and prepared to hear the big announcement.  Once everyone was paying total attention to my brand new husband, including me as I had not been pre warned about this, he proceeded to announce that "Hell had just frozen over" as he had been divorced 13 years and I had been divorced for 22 years and neither one of us ever intended to remarry again.


Our first picture was with our mothers.  From left to right, Kathy's mother Alta, Kathy, Ric and his mother Adele.

From left to right, Kathy's niece Samia, Alta, Kathy, Ric, and Adele.

From left to right, Ric's nephew Danny, Ric's sister Megan, Kathy, Ric and Ric's cousin Shelly

From left to right, Kathy, Ric, Ric's Aunt Jeanne and his Uncle Gerry

Left to right, Kathy, Ric and Ric's best man, Kent (who resisted the impulse to shout "THANK YOU JESUS" during the ceremony when the Pastor had pronounced us husband and wife)

Kathy, Ric and Kathy's very good friend Honey

Kathy, Ric and part of Kathy's "adopted family" Terri, her husband Chris and in front of Terri is Jon and in front of Chris is Josh

We do have many other pictures, but neither Ric nor I have enough RAM on either one of our computers to run the scanner so check back as we will add the pictures once we can get them scanned.

Thank you for sharing our "day" with us and hope you had half as much fun looking as we are having!!!

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